At Double Bear Rolled, our core focus is on a failure-friendly environment to learn and build our portfolio. We bring together people from a range of disciplines and regardless of their background or skillset, we ask them the question "What do you want to learn?" Through the genius - or lunacy - of our leadership, we take all of the topics that our team members want to pursue and craft a product narrative for a project that offers a means for everyone to learn and - when the pieces assemble - to offer a public-facing product.

Since our core is about learning, and our methodology is centered on collaboration, we do not build business models around our projects. Team members are not burdened with answering to users, In-App Purchase -driven investors, or price wars with competing products.

The intent of all of our projects is to build something we would use, solve a problem we actually have, for us to be confident in our solution and tweak when necessary. 

Started in 2015, Double Bear Rolled has pursued a dozen mobile applications, a handful of hardware projects, and learned an unmeasurable amount about technology, ourselves, and prioritizing trust and collaboration over personal glory. Our long-term plan is centered on the continuation of our core values, to learn as much as we can about whatever fits our fancy.

We're a good group of technology professionals who are hungry for what's next. If you'd like to come join us, drop us a note or join one of our Saturday sessions.